18" x  22"

High Quality Archival Matte Print with 1/2 inch border on each side



Artwork comes signed by the artist and ships on a sturdy tube.

Ancestral Wisdom: A homage to John B. Giuliani

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  • Ancestral Wisdom: A homage to John B. Giuliani 🦋

    I came across a beautiful painting by John B. Giuliani, a European Italian artist who studied the Native Americans + Christ Consciousness, the painting called “Trinity”

    As I continued to reflect my own roots, I wanted to recreate the style of my own feminine ancestors before me. My maternal line of ancestors has been a major theme in my life through ceremonies + dream realms. Deep rooted trauma of their pain flooded through me, as I came to realize it was my responsibility + obligation to step forth to alchemize this pain into divine healing. Through deep healing, the color of turquoise was a theme in my life. Through each feather I drew, it taught me the divine patience of the eagle medicine. And adding the background of the cosmic stars, traveling through the realms of the cosmos within the mind + beyond.
    As an artist, we continue to evolve + learn from the masters of creation. 

    Bless be the ancestral healing, moving through it, so we may find divinity in its healing.

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