18" x  22"

High Quality Archival Matte Print with 1/2 inch border on each side



Artwork comes signed by the artist and ships on a sturdy tube.

Jaguar Medicine

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  • 🐾 Jaguar Medicine 🐾

    Spirit animals come to us in each life to assist in our journey. Whether it be waking life, dream realms or sacred ceremony. Some visit us for a time, others stay with you throughout lifetimes. 

    Meanings of the Black Jaguars (Panther) spirit are found in all indigenous culture in its own prophecies + wisdom. The master of shadows, the shapeshifter in the Great Mystery, in guidance to go into the unknown as a catalyst to release our fears.

    A strong divine fierceness of the Panther is powerful + protective. A fierce guardian. Also a symbol of mother, the dark moon + the power of the night.

    Fully alchemizing each deep rooted fear in the subconscious, the Panther walks with you in power, beauty + grace. The Panther medicine holds the secrets of worlds unseen and that through the darkness a new rebirth of liberation is found. 💫

    If anyone has beautiful stories of the Black Jaguar, please share in the comments 🙏✨